EC Summer Course 2022

The excitement was ON! Across the ocean, in Mexico, all friends were glued to the Europe Center through our live streaming, and the ones on site were super excited and ready to jump on stage.

Thanks to many days of joyful effort, the WISH THAT CONNECTS US campaign had finally reached its launching date at the Summer Course.

Our peers from last year projects handed the torch to this year ones in very moving display, leaving more than one teary eye on stage.

Then… all of a sudden, like in a movie, we were all there, via streaming or on site, sharing with the world all the inspiration and colors of the Mexico City Project.

Our campaign was built from the basis of the immense gratitude towards the most beautiful gift that the Lama could give us, and thats THE WISH THAT CONNECTS US:

Connected us as a National Sangha working together!

With the last year projects, now our full time supporters, and with our mighty partners in this year: KDL and Sofia.  ALWAYS TOGETHER

Lama Ole’s power field gave us the boost needed to have the most memorable start for the campaign.

The “International Projects stand” became a lively and joyful meeting point, filled every day with friends taking home some of our colorful merchandise and sharing their interest in our goal, now we had new ambassadors.

The Meet and Connect session was an intimate family reunion that helped dive deeper in information and reinforce the bond to the project.

There is magic at the EC, and we had some magical visitors: Nedo Rimpoche & Co. who blessed the projects and even remained us about his time in the Mexico City Center.

Of course, we filled him with Gifts and a very entusiasthic reception

As a highlight of the campaign, we REALLY wanted to share the true mexican spirit…

***spoiler alert***


The Mexican night was a blast, filled with high energy and colors.

The Mexican Folk music “Rancheras”  was irresistible to some of our finest kagyus…

The spicy candies and special drinks were a taste challenge for our international friends…

Our “Kermese” games were an absolute homerun!

There are rumors that the “Pollo Loco” (crazy chicken) will become an official sport in Bavaria.

And to wrap things up… The living legend… Mexican Piñata! Risky and extreme, just like our dancing skills.

On the end, we were honored to give a final presentation before wrapping things up and go back home.  

Same story: thousands of friends expecting the Lama final appearance at the course, and our message was just the same but with more conviction: Gratitude.

The Wish That Connects Us has given us the Joy of working for the Lama, and has connected  us already with: our national sangha, last year and current International Projects,  and, if the good will carries on…. with YOU

May you be part of this wonderful adventure that invites us to not just open our wallets but our hearths to our Lama´s wish.